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Garden Maintenance in Canberra

Maintenance is the key to keeping any beautiful landscaping creation flourishing all year round. Here at Dimension Gardenscape, we offer you a professional garden maintenance service completed by our very own dedicated team, so you have the time to enjoy your garden.

Our General Canberra garden maintenance services include:

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  • Lawn mowing, edging and lawn care:
  • Weeding, and herbicide treatment;
  • Shrub pruning and shaping, including roses;
  • Hedge trimming and shaping;
  • Tree pruning and lopping to 6 metres, including fruit trees
  • Fertilizing and soil treatment
  • Mulching;
  • Planting and plant selection advice
  • Irrigation - ongoing checks and repair
  • Organic application applied for the treatment of pests and diseases

Landscape maintenance:

  • Repairs to hard surfaces, garden edging, paving;
  • Topping up of gravels, mulches etc;
  • Clean out water features and ponds;
  • Replacement plants

We have a team of specialists for major tree removal, irrigation system repairs, carpentry and other trades. If you require garden services in Canberra, contact us today so we can arrange this service for you!


What Kind Of Service Does Your Garden Need?

We offer once-off garden clean-up visits or programs of regular garden maintenance for your backyard or commercial property. The frequency of visits can be varied seasonally. Our team will agree with you on the services that you would like us to focus on before commencing.

Once-Off Clean-Up

Whether you're selling your home or stuck for time to work in your garden, our services for garden maintenance in Canberra are an ideal way to get your garden looking back to its original health.

  • Preparing to sell your home – add value by lifting the presentation of your home for inspection.
  • Specialist work – maybe you want an expert to take care of your annual pruning of roses and fruit trees, or that hedge that is just too big for you.
  • Time Poor – perhaps you've found yourself falling behind with your gardening this season and you need a hand to bring it back to a manageable state? We can help!

Regular Garden Maintenance

  • We will work with you to decide what parts of the garden need attention and what things you want to take care of yourself
  • We will manage the annual cycle of care including pruning, fertilising and mulching appropriate to your garden's needs.
  • We provide you with a helpful note each visit telling you what has been done and what will come next.
  • We provide monthly billing based on time attending your property.

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