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Here at Dimension Gardenscape, we provide a qualified horticultural perspective on your next landscape project. Our friendly team of landscapers in Canberra have the experience to provide a one stop service for your expert garden landscape design and construction and needs.

Dimension Gardenscape offers true project integration. We can show you how good design choices can result in better outcomes for lifestyle and efficient construction, as well as cost savings in the long term. Our Canberra landscapers have a broad range of skills at hand, both within in our team and within our collaborating contractors, so your project can include, for example; hardscape and softscape, irrigation, carpentry, electrical work, all coordinated into the one project.

At Dimension Gardenscape we understand the value of quality workmanship and honest working relationships. We support the ongoing education and training of all our team members and approach all our projects as an opportunity to learn and achieve more together.

Our Canberra garden landscaping team are fully committed to supplying local product, locally grown plants and supporting local businesses. We implement waste management for every job, recycling where possible to reduce landfill and reduce waste disposal costs for you.

For experienced landscape gardeners in Canberra or for a free quote on all of our gardening and design services, contact Dimension Gardenscape today on 02 6297 9040.


  • – Australian Institute Of Horticulture
  • – Master Builders Association, ACT (MBA Member 12394)
  • – The Landscape Association (TLA Member 11956)

Our Promise

At Dimension Gardenscape we understand the value of quality workmanship, honest working relationships and our friendly team of landscapers in Canberra have the experience to provide a one stop service for your expert landscape design, construction and garden needs. We pride ourselves on being an award-winning residential landscape design and construction company with over 30 years of experience in the Canberra region.

The team knows what will grow in our unique climate and is always looking for new ways to deliver sustainable garden landscaping that is resilient to the changing climate. Our in-house landscape gardeners and design team are experienced in design as well as horticulture, so clients know they are getting more than a nice-looking garden, but one that works ecologically and aesthetically.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services

Meet Our Team

Trevor Fuller (Director)

Trevor started as an apprentice greenkeeper for a bowling club 35 years ago. He moved on to Parliament House to continue with lawn care, and expanded his skills into horticulture and irrigation. He began a family business of landscape design and construction on weekends about 30 years ago, developing into a full-time business soon afterwards. He established Dimension Gardenscape in its present form in 2007, and enjoys delivering positive improvements to people’s property and lifestyle. For impressively beautiful landscape designs and construction in the Canberra Region, Trevor and the team here at Dimension Gardenscape are your go-to garden experts.

Peter Barton-Browne (Head Landscaper)

Pete is our head landscaper. He has been with the crew for nearly 10 years now and is a valuable team member. He particularly enjoys timber construction.

With over 20 years of experience in horticulture and landscape construction, Pete has the required experience and an eye for detail to ensure a job is completed to the highest standard.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services