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Award Winning - Ainslie makeover

We first heard from this client in early 2015 through designer Dinah Meagher, who had developed a plan to renovate this much-loved home garden so he could enjoy his free time in a serene and welcoming space, with less ongoing maintenance. It was a new direction in the client’s garden journey which he had spent a lot of time and effort to establish over a 12-year period. It was a difficult decision to put a lot of his own designing and planning under the bulldozer, and it took a lot of careful consideration and planning with Dinah to retain the now mature and much loved trees.

For the front entry garden we adapted existing retaining walls and constructed supplementary feature walls from rendered brick. A black Raven Granite paver was used to tie the new and old elements together, as well as providing a perfect complement to the house colour. Established Maple trees and transplanted Cercis Canadensis provide the backbone to this garden, while the new design introduced a Bay Laurel hedge and underplanting to rejuvenate an already beautiful formal Entry.

In the right hand courtyard it took a light touch to makeover the private entertaining space. The main challenge here was sourcing a mature Prunus Schimidsu Sakura to complement the existing tree. The renovation here involved new paving and edging laid over outdated pebble-crete and minimalist planting of few species for a fresh look that is on trend, with lasting appeal for years to come.

The left-hand side of the property required a boundary retaining wall to prevent water runoff and promote healthier growth in the productive garden and screen planting, benefitting the garden for many years to come.

In the rear garden and adjoining entertaining areas we stripped the garden back to its’ bare bones, keeping only the mature trees, shrubs, vegetable beds and brick edging. The design incorporated a beautiful deck with waterfall edges to link the dining room to the outdoor space, providing a place to sit back, relax and watch the sunset.

Another key feature in the design is the Wee Jasper Basalt freestanding wall with recycled timber floating seat, which is a stunning feature in the view from the living room window and hides the thriving vegetable beds in the rear.

The planting was a highly-deliberated component, as this provides the framing to the feature seat with maples on either side, block planting in colours and layered heights in the rear. The new steel raised beds not only build on the existing curvature from the brick edges, but also connect all areas of the back garden together.

This garden has created a serene setting for the client to inject his personality, with sculptures for interest and pots to experiment with interesting plants that have specific soil requirements.

This garden is not only a very peaceful, relatively low maintenance garden, but also a beautiful composition of native, productive and decorative plants that provide interest with different blossoms and foliage all year round.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services
Garden Landscaping & Design Services