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Turning Japanese is gardening simplicity

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How often do you sit and just admire the tranquility of a Japanese garden? And how often do you sit and think about how much you would like to create an area that makes the most of the special places in your garden?

Turning those spaces into a Japanese-inspired retreat is the perfect solution, and it’s much easier than you think. It’s about doing more with less. It’s the creation of simple structures that live in harmony with nature. It’s a special place where you can sit and admire the tranquility.

A Japanese garden uses elements that are readily available. Take some pea gravel, stone steppers and feature rocks as the foundations. Add simple but beautiful plants such as a cherry blossom or Japanese maple and you will be on a path to a Japanese-inspired haven

Of course, there are lots of other elements and our team at Dimension Gardenscape is more than able to advise on those best suited to your area. Our experience with creating Japanese gardens is also second to none. Take a look at our very own Japanese garden that was part of the 2016 Canberra Open Garden. It is our very own oasis, and the perfect example of how to create maximum affect in a minimal space.

So what are the elements that make a Japanese garden?

It’s as easy as taking a look around Canberra’s backyard at a place that is actually front and centre on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. It’s the Canberra Nara Peace Park, a gift from the people of Nara in Japan to celebrate the sister city link between Canberra, Australia’s modern capital, and Nara, Japan’s ancient capital.

Here you will find that simplicity is the key to a Japanese garden. The use of wooden structures welcome you into a garden that is adorned by a variety of Japanese maples, flanked by groundcover plants and shrubs.

Another important aspect that makes a Japanese garden a perfect inclusion to your backyard is the similar climate of the Canberra area to that of its sister city in Japan. Many of the species such as cherry blossoms, myrtles, maples and shrubs will tolerate Canberra’s climate because of their deciduous nature that allows them to withstand the colder temperatures of winter.

Autumn is also the perfect time to take in the contrasting colours of a Japanese garden, where you’ll find deep red and orange hues before the leaves drop and begin the composting process for new growth in spring.

A Japanese garden is more than just shades of red. It’s something that changes and evolves with the seasons. It’s also a different shade in the morning to that of the afternoon. And with a bit of regular attention to maintenance, a Japanese garden will give you many days, months and years of tranquility that you can add to as you please.

So next time you sit and admire your garden, take a look at where to begin with a Japanese theme, and make sure you talk to the experts for all your gardening and maintenance services. Trevor and his team are the seeds to get your next project growing, so to make an appointment with one of our design team and to obtain a free quote, contact Dimension Gardenscape today on 02 6297 9040.

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