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Landscaping Service Belconnen


Dimension Gardenscape boasts a team that works well together and values cooperation above everything else. Our work culture is focused on collaboration and open communication. This is what distinguishes our landscaping services from the competitors.

If you reside in Belconnen or the surrounding area, please phone us to set up a consultation. Living in a lovely area such as  Belconnen, you would undoubtedly want that your home also looks the best. For most, the façade says a lot about the building and its owners. If you want a great façade that also uplifts the look of your neighborhood, then we are the people to call.

Our staff will discuss your ideas in person. We welcome all sorts of idea-sharing – whether you have a rough drawing ready or something in mind that you would like to show the team, give us a call without hesitation.

Dimension Gardenscape – the best landscaping professionals you can find

Dimension Gardenscape offers the best landscape service contractors in Belconnen. We follow a sound protocol where we make sure that we hear all of the client’s needs, take a look at the available space, and then add our expertise and functionality aspects to the design.

Our team of professional architects and landscapers is there at every step to guide you and to help your ideas turn into reality. Whether it is a simple and elegant space that you want or something that has pizazz, you can be sure that we have the ideas, the resources, and the manpower to get it to completion.

You can call us today to have a site visit scheduled, where you can take us through the ideas you have, and we can share with you the designs that will bring your ideas to reality. We also offer quotes, without putting in any obligation for you to purchase our services. Call today: 02 6297 9040

Landscaping service Professionals at your doorstep

Landscaping is an art and a science – and it is a rare combination of skills to find in professionals. However, Dimension Gardenscape with its amazing portfolio of landscapes has proved that its experts are those rare creatures who are artists and engineers at the same time.

We have brilliantly creative designers, who will design beautiful spaces for you, but at the same time, they will make sure that the spaces are functional, offer all the modern conveniences you need for that space. Our professionals are readily available for visits, and they can come over to your home and understand what your vision is and then offer suggestions that can help you bring your vision to life. We are so sure that you will love our service, that we offer an obligation-free consultation to you so that you can learn from our experts and build the perfect landscape in the Belconnen area that can be your space to relax after a busy day at work.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services

The garden of your dreams

Lush green gardens, birds chirping sweetly, and butterflies fluttering about are a dream for many. Now you can have all these within your home, in Belconnen when you hire Dimension Gardenscape for landscape services. We are there to help you get the home of your dreams and the space you always wanted.

It is important to be able to put your feet up and relax after the routine of everyday life – work, chores, and kids. There is no longer any need for you to hesitate. No matter what your budget, or how small your space is, Dimension Gardenscape has creative solutions that can help you get the garden of your dreams. Call us today and help us build your dream garden.


Landscaping services that we have on offer can suit all different budget needs. It depends on your requirement, space, and budget as to what services you want to avail.

As a homeowner or a property owner, all you have to do is share your ideas with us, and we will do the rest. While there is work carried out in your living space, you might feel slightly inconvenienced, but we make sure that we work as quickly and efficiently as possible for you.

Garden Landscaping & Design Services