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Work with Dimension Gardenscape to lounge around in the custom-made, premium-quality, and easy-on-the-pocket pergola in your home.

We understand the value of pergolas in a city like Canberra and our custom-designed pergolas will have your outdoor living dreams covered in every sense. If you’re unsure of what to do with all the space available in your front or backyard, we at Dimensions Gardenscape recommend building a pergola and equip your home with the luxury of a well-crafted outdoor living area. Our team can design a pergola that will be ideal for your gatherings with family and friends, a romantic dinner date, or to seek solace in a quiet, comfortable, and accessible space.

Pergolas are stylish, offer space and comfort, create an outdoor living space that is useful in all weather conditions and can be customized to your liking and budget. We have a team of design and execution experts who will facilitate you every step of the way and make sure you are fully satisfied and able to enjoy your home and every aspect of it.

An inexpensive yet creative and purposeful way to maximize your outdoor space is to add a pergola. It will open options for enjoying your home even more and also privatize your outdoor living area.

Whether you wish to support your landscape with a structure that will add to your outdoor living aesthetic, or add greenery to your outdoor space with plants pergolas are your best bet. You can add vines, flowers, and shade to protect against the sun and to provide warmth in winters. You can even bring a contemporary open living area to your home without making adjustments to your existing interior with a pergola.

At Dimensions Gardenscape, we believe that luxury must be affordable, comfortable, and accessible. We can bring together a design to transform your outdoor living space which will not only compliment your home but add value to the aesthetic of your space.

We approach outdoor living areas as an investment into our client’s home and lifestyle needs.

Pergolas are recommended to all those homeowners who wish to make an outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round. They provide the ultimate comfort to enjoy the outdoor space without bearing the hassle of having to go anywhere.

You can choose from traditional exposed wooden beams, or mix metal with concrete for a contemporary look; whatever your style is, our team of skilled designers and contractors can materialize it for you.

We work with only premium-quality material and are passionate about delivering an experience that’s worth your money and exceeds your expectations. You can choose from a variety of roofing options for your pergolas if you don’t wish to go traditional or contemporary. We offer:


Laserlite is the only polycarbonate corrugate sheet product available in wider Australia with advanced Weatherguard technology. The use of this technology extends and maintains the durability of the sheets by up to 50% more and provides maximum protection from UV rays which we experience in Canberra.


Colorbond Steel:

Colorbond steels are a tried and tested product that works wonderfully in the Canberra climate. It offers a variety of 22 colors to choose from and we can customize a color palette for you to serve all your outdoor requirements.


Ampelite Lexan Thermoclear:

We recommend Lexan thermoclear if you wish to add pergolas to protect your greenhouse, swimming pool, and sports arena in your home. These are lightweight applications that offer two-sided multi-wall and polycarbonate sheeting, perfect for protection against UV radiation in natural sunlight.



SolarSpan is the original insulate pergola roofing option that offers a durable combination of insulated roofing that’s functional and also beautifying. We can customize the ceiling accessories to add a personal touch to your pergola with SolarSpan.

We at Dimensions Gardenscape take great pride in having a team of high-skilled and creative geniuses who work in collaboration with the client to deliver what they want. We offer a wide selection of pergolas and verandas that can be built to your taste that complements your lifestyle. Our team has executed many projects with the passion to make clients happy. We will work with you with the same approach and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and facades in shapes including curved, flat, pitched, or insulated. If you are not sure about the value the pergola design will add to your space, our team will be more than happy to meet with you.