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Planning your garden

Planning your dream garden is an exciting and fun prospect. A garden that says something about you and improves your lifestyle. Before you begin here are some tips and things to consider. The friendly staff at Dimension Gardenscape are more than happy to help you answer these questions and guide you through the process of creating your perfect garden escape.

Ideas for your garden

Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with ideas that express what you want, here are some suggestions;

  • Talk to friends and family, spend time in their gardens.
  • Visit open gardens.
  • Talk to your local nursery about plants that are appropriate for your climate
  • Collect ideas for inspiration from lifestyle magazines, books and the internet
  • Talk to us, Dimension Gardenscape, we are bursting with ideas

What's my Budget?

How much do you plan to set aside for your project? It's important to know how much you want to spend on your garden or landscape. This will shape critical decisions and choices.

Don't be shy in sharing this info with your landscape designer, it is better to develop a design to meet your budget than suffer from sticker shock when you receive a quote.

Your Garden as a living space

Do you want your garden to be an extension of your living space? A space that not only lives and breathes, but expresses something about you.
Here are some things to consider;
  • Does anyone use the garden who has disabilities or allergies?
  • What time of day and on what days is the garden mostly used?
  • How do you use the garden?
  • How would you like to use the garden in the future?

Practical Considerations

There are many practical considerations to designing and ladscaping a garden. Some include;

  • What permanent structures need to be retained ?
  • What features would you like to retain ?
  • Will you need a utility area for a shed; composting or storage ?
  • Clothesline shape and size ?
  • Where will the bins be stored ?
  • Do you plan to collect rainwater or treat and reuse grey water ?
  • Where will cars be parked ?

Garden Features

Which of these features would you like to include in the garden;

  • Garden beds
  • Vegetable / Herb garden
  • Orchard
  • Entertainment Area – Deck / Pergola / Paving
  • BBQ facility
  • Garden paths
  • Informal seated area
  • Pond and/or Water feature
  • Sand pit / Play area
  • Pet enclosure
  • Screens / Trellis
  • Ornaments
  • Lighting

Garden Style

Garden style choice will shape the plants and choices made in the garden design and construction.

  • Are there any garden styles you like? e.g. japenese, australian native, english cottage
  • How do you want the garden to look?

Other things to consider

Other things that you need to consider when designing and contructing the garden of your dreams, some of these include;

  • Are there any local authority constraints upon the site?
  • Do you need planning approval?
  • Do you need body corporate approval?
  • Are there any known overhead or underground services?
  • Are you aware of any problem areas of the garden? e.g soil contaminants
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