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Pool Landscaping

We can help create a swimming experience that will bring your family closer so that you can enjoy the much-deserved space you dream of.

Swimming pools are a great source of fun and enjoyment for families. While children can engage in healthy physical activities, adults can also burn off some steam in the pool after a long day at work. Swimming pools offer a place for family and friends to enjoy time together and are an ideal outdoor activity all year-round – where they can be customized for both hot and cold weather. We love a home with a pool and our team at Dimensions Gardenscape can build one for you, exactly how you’d like it.

Swimming pools hold a special value for us and our team enjoys landscaping pools for houses in Canberra. Each of our clients comes with its own distinct set of requirements, and we are happy to cater to them all.

Whether you’re looking to restore your existing pool, revamp it to complement your outdoor living area, or add a new pool in your front or backyard, we can help you with whatever you need.

We love a house with a swimming pool and if you live in one, we can help you landscape the perfect pool for you and your family.

Swimming pools are private and intimate spaces and, at Dimension Gardenscape, we ensure designs that are personalized, customized, and built with only premium-quality material. We take pride in having a team that is skilled and can put a creative spin on the most technical necessities.

While our team is great at building beautiful, affordable, and safe swimming pools from scratch, you might need to revamp your existing pool or altering the landscape around the pool to make the outdoor space more accessible, purposeful, and fun.

Dimensions Gardenscape has helped families remodel the surrounding area of their swimming pools in a way that allows the pool to blend in seamlessly with the look of the house and any kind of outdoor feature, be it gardens or other entertainment spaces. We also enhance the safety of the swimming pool areas by adding pool fences, or bringing different outdoor elements together so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the pool and the space around it.

If you don’t wish to demolish and wish to recreate your existing pool space, our team will be dedicated to using their creativity to suggest designs that will save time, be sustainable, and also work for your space and your budget. We offer innovative ideas and solutions and can bring a new look to your existing design, accessorize your pool within your budget, or construct a new pool in your outdoor living area which will be compliant with legislation, and also compliment your lifestyle.

Unsure of what to do? Book a consultation today with us and let’s come up with ideas to make your home more fun.