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Vertical Wall Gardens

Create A Luxury Retreat With Our Vertical Wall Gardens

A vertical wall garden can rejuvenate your home and create a relaxing haven for not just you, but also your guests. With apartment and smaller home living becoming increasingly popular housing choices in Canberra, a vertical wall garden allows you to maximise the full potential of your little oasis.

As the experts in horticultural knowledge, we will create your vertical wall garden with plants which will grow and thrive in this environment and are also importantly suitable for Canberra’s cool climate. From stunning succulent wall gardens through to ferns and begonias, we have plants to suit every person’s style and budget.

This classic technique delivers modern vibes to any area and will bring life to an otherwise dull space.

Luxury Succulent Wall Gardens In Canberra & More!

One of the most popular vertical wall garden choices in Canberra is succulents as they are a low maintenance plant which grows quite easily. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! Our vertical wall gardens can be set up to include irrigation, construction, soil and plants, so all you have to do is maintain your luxury retreat.

To ensure we deliver a garden which creates the luxury oasis you’ve always dreamed of having, we will chat with you about your garden goals, create a design and provide you with a quote online.

Artificial Vertical Wall Garden

Increasing climate variability, water restrictions and greater extremes of temperature creates challenges of maintaining lush planting. While living plant options are always the ultimate in choice, having the choice to include synthetic features will extent the look and functionality of a garden design. Synthetic vertical wall garden designs are more sophisticated than ever before and can be effective when combined with ‘living’ plant.

Optimal settings for incorporating synthetic green wall gardens include balconies, courtyards, internal garden areas and walled areas. Like any landscaping product, its use is only limited by aesthetic, function and budget. Our design team will assist you in optimising the use of synthetics within a whole gardenscape design.
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