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3 Steps from Landscaper Canberra to an Eco-Friendly

In today’s world, people are more concerned than ever about the effects of their daily activities on the environment. In addition to wondering what impact a proposed landscaping project may have on the environment, you may also ask how it might affect the climate. Using eco-friendly choices, can you enhance a beautiful outdoor space while also respecting the environment? Getting people outside is one of the greatest benefits of landscaping. Having beautiful green spaces to enjoy encourages homeowners to spend more time outdoors, which is wonderful. 

Of course, many homeowners do not want to create spaces to contribute to negative environmental impacts. Even with a busy schedule and a limited budget, it is possible to maintain a beautiful landscape while being kind to the environment. The only thing you need is a little planning and some low-maintenance measures. We at Dimension Gardenscape are proud to provide our clients with landscaping experience in Canberra. As local Landscaper Canberra we have been providing garden & landscape design to residential & commercial spaces all over Canberra over 30 year  

A sustainable landscape is not just for expert gardeners, but also for novices. Here are a few steps you can follow to make it happen. 


Start Composting to Reduce Waste 


Inorganic chemical fertilizers can harm the soil and water in your garden, which is why compost is a great alternative. If you’re growing your own food and gardening, you’ll have leftover materials that you should compost in order to avoid wasting them. By composting these materials, you can make fertilizer for your plants instead of throwing them away. The result will also be a reduction in the amount of fertilizer you need to purchase from the store. 

In the long run, home composting could save you money as well as reduce food waste. When thinking about how to create an eco-friendly garden, all you really need is a corner of the garden for composting that’s out of the way but not too shady. Adding compost to your soil increases its nutrient content and improves water retention, resulting in stronger plants and less disease. Simply be more conscious about what you buy and reduce, reuse, and recycle! We personalize our landscapes to meet your taste and satisfy your individual needs from the Local Family Business Landscaper in Canberra.


Be water wise  


There are certain things you can do to make watering your plants more efficient, even if you cannot stop doing it altogether. Focus your attention on the roots instead of the leaves and water in the cool of the day to avoid evaporation and wasting water on them. If you want to increase the retention of water, consider adding mulch or even decorative gravel. 

Use a hose instead of a sprinkler in your garden, this is great for spot watering the odd stressed plant being careful it’s not stressed form too much water.  Rather than hand watering your plants, water delivered via sub surface drippers is best, an automated watering system makes this easy to programme, set it up so roots are watered, which is more beneficial to your plants and prevents unnecessary water waste. The use of drip lines, minimizing grass space, using native plants, greywater systems, and rainwater tanks are just some of the ways you can reduce your water usage in your landscape. With proper watering, you can save money and have a lush garden at the same time. 


Stop using chemicals 


The use of chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides in the garden is now less common among gardeners. To keep our lawns and gardens in good shape, we are often instructed to spray them with chemicals. There are, however, many alternatives for natural garden care that are more environmentally friendly, especially when it comes to lawn care. 

In spite of the fact that chemicals and fertilizers are toxic to our waterways, there are very natural ways to maintain your garden. In order to significantly reduce our use of chemicals, we must learn about nature and become more aware of its capabilities and natural remedies. It is important to consider pesticides and herbicides as the last line of defense, not our first option. 




Although eco-friendly landscaping is a great place to start, you should also incorporate green living into other parts of your life. The three R’s should always be at the back of your mind: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Dimension Gardenscape in Canberra provides a wide range of landscaping services, and even though you may not be planning to reconstruct or construct an entirely new outdoor space, you can still benefit from our extensive offerings. 

For superior landscaping & garden design services from highly skilled landscaper Canberra, choose Dimension Gardenscape. Request a free quote today!